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At SynBalance, our program for a sustainable development aims to magnify and praise the uniqueness of each individual, inspired by friendly microorganisms living in our body, efficient and powerful in a strain-specific manner.

In fact, starting from the scientific evidence that not all microorganisms may have the same effect due to the heterogeneity of bacteria species as well as strain specificity in terms of functional performance, we wish to celebrate the difference between people as a real treasure, by providing every possible action to help making the world a more comfortable place, where a person is the beating heart of our commitment.

As member of ROELMI Group indeed, we commit with NIP®’s program (Nature is People) by focusing on topics related to ethical sustainability and keeping a keen eye on people wellness and safety.

ODE TO THE PEOPLE” is the declaration of intent by SynBalance, 10 principles summarizing our belief about taking care of people’s health.

Together we can achieve even more and build our way into a sustainable future.

A declaration of intent by SynBalance

Ode to the people

Our 10 Principles

Business DNA

A society of people for people.

Empathy and ethics are the driving fuel for our responsible business consciousness where encouraging respect let us promote a positive corporate attitude. The daily engagement of passionate people inspires us to perform an innate identity in terms of reliability and excellence.

Focus on Health

Reinventing the approach to well-being requirements by unlocking microbiota’s world.

Focused on a preventive and safe care, we aim at providing harmonic well-being in every life-stages and anticipating the needs by modelling the corporate research actions for an inclusive, universal and individual-enhancing equilibrium.


Strong roots running ideas and developments.

Transparency as a value at the forefront in the global nutraceutical market where the wide-ranging family of probiotics and their derivatives is the background of a culture based on the punctual confirmation of strain specificity.


Clean process for a clean Planet.

Constantly engaged in offering high-tech performances, the expertise in biotechnology permits a full service in terms of scientific growth and progress. Smart methodologies help to enhance industrial avant-garde opportunities for a virtuous example of the Italian design.


The scientific method bounded to passion for research.

The motive power begins with a “Made in Italy” intellectual excellence, enlarged by the cooperation within a global network of experts to shape the way of concept from imagination, research and design up to the final nutraceutical solutions.

Health Functions

Good practices for persistent challenges.

A set of proactive answers are designed and adopted to provide essential health benefits, in order to strengthen, to guarantee and to renew the full exercise of the right to health, by integrating the major aspects of a safe, reliable and effective probiotic intake.


Team is the pillar we derive our strength from.

Collaboration and respect pervade in all activities to help celebrate each individual pride. Caring for people means offering equal opportunities and self-confidence for all human kind. Our commitment towards responsibility and consciousness do not see limits.

Safety & Efficacy

The indispensable guarantee.

The delivery of premium health solutions requires us to adopt the strictest steps for a reliable offer. Starting from genomic evaluation, up to in-vitro screenings and clinical trials, our scientifically-backed probiotic solutions are widely confirmed by independent experts and researchers.


We do attentive care to people.

we dedicate our service to closely facilitate and sustain consumer needs by tailoring the best solution for each request. From single strains to premixes up to ready-to-go supplements, from exclusive to precision probiotics, we offer a wide range of concepts for people wealth.


The adventure in biotic-world never ends.

A journey towards continuous innovation is planned to build a resilient company aiming at helping people to choose with foresight. We intend to implement every possible behavior in finding sustainable perspectives for a lasting health.

Beyond Sustainability

SynBalance’s sustainability program is focused on offering healthy nutraceutical ingredients, obtained from cutting-edge bio-fermentation process: a white biotechnology, recognized for its sustainable character and the positive impact towards People and the Planet.