Probiotic ingredients to support women’s health along life stages

Women embrace transformations that can profoundly alter the vaginal environment, potentially resulting in infections associated with reduced vaginal biodiversity. Promoting vaginal health as an avenue to enhance women's self-confidence via an ecological and sustainable approach.

On Earth we are nearly 8 billion people, and females drive the market. Indeed, due to the fluctuating nature of their biological needs, the multitude of aspects in which nutraceuticals can support physiological changes trains the market: from beauty-from-within and weight-management, to the essential intimate health, up to specific nutritional requirements in pregnancy and menopause, as well as the care of children.

Throughout the years, females will face vaginal discomfort more than once. Indeed, the biological equilibrium of this body district is as important as fragile, as the result of ever-changing physiological aspects. Not only softness and hydration characterize intimate mucosae: these play also the role of a firm barrier, and vaginal microbiota is the key element for its defense.

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    Silvia Castegnaro


    Product Manager