Insights for Athletics: Probiotics as a Supporting ingredients in Sports Nutrition

Optimizing nutrition in combination with exercise is considered an established and effective practice not only for professional athletes but also for amateurs, to enhance efficiency and recovery and to assist in filling nutritional gaps.

Within a holistic approach to health, well-being and beauty, the consumer started projecting this new awareness even on its nutrition, especially in case of amateurs and athletes, or in general in those who pursue a healthy lifestyle. For example, today people refer that would take a DNA test to tailor their exercises and diet according to their genetic profiles, and personalized sport nutrition is being further pushed by the ascending awareness of the uniqueness of each person’s gut microbiome. Nutraceutical actives as such, or their inclusion in foods and drinks, are then the key to customize nutrition solutions for different own needs, such as the affirming trends of gut health and immunity.

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    Silvia Castegnaro


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