Healthy living: mental and immunity burden in the era of covid-19

One of the new arising megatrends is "healthy living", firmly pushed by the COVID-19 pandemic spread, and consumers are adopting a proactive and preventative, even holistic approach to wellbeing.

Healthy lifestyle habits inside and outside the home are becoming the “new” usual way of living, thus looking towards a more holistic approach to wellness.

However, what does holistic mean? The primary aspect of optimal health is caring for both mental and physical wellbeing. The future is moving forward to a more open-minded vision, trying not to fight the symptoms but rather understanding the cause that hides behind distress.

Civil society and economies are pushing towards a pro-active way of living as now more than ever, and consumers prefer to prevent any distress by eating well, taking the supplements and performing sport instead of curing a disease by taking drugs.

These results in consumers taking a greater interest in ingredients that offer a health boost beyond essential nutrition and seeking out products positioned around active health claims.

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    Silvia Castegnaro


    Product Manager