Gastrointestinal comfort: the combination of life habits and supplementation

Digestive health is not only a matter of gut health, and the proper consolidation of axes between the gut and other body districts can contribute to prevent the onset of different diseases.

As customers increasingly recognize the connection between their personal digestive health, immune system, and overall well-being, they now demand scientifically supported products and proven effectiveness. Consequently, consumer awareness prompts a shift towards a more proactive approach to digestive health, necessitating the supplements industry to adapt and effectively provide to these evolving consumer preferences in order to renewed their wishes and ride the way.

Globally, digestive health market in the nutraceutical industry showed an over 42% growth during the last five years. From a regional specific point of view, Europe registered the highest share in term of digestive-related dietary supplements, showing a nearly 18% portion of the whole sector. USA were on the second step of the podium, with a nearly 15% share, whilst Asia-Pacific region appeared as the tail lamp, with digestive health products accounting for the 6.1% of the total (1).

Latest forecasts on health and nutrition market highlight how “proactive living” trend would be one of the highest interest for the industry. Indeed, around 80% of interviewed consumers worldwide says that is planning to turn their nutritional habits profile into a healthier one in 2021: focusing on European consumers, around 57% of them says they regularly look for different ways to improve their overall health.

Also if lockdown may have led to some unhealthy habits, consumers’ focus on preventative health strategies as the key element of this new approach. This all was magnified by the pandemic, with people looking to stay fitter, for longer (2).

Consumers are increasingly recognizing that digestive health is a key factor influencing all manner of biological functions—from inflammation and immune function, right through to brain and heart health (3).

If on one side physicians, dietitians, and nutritionists are pivotal representatives for consumers’ education and gut health promotion, on the other side, food supplements brands have to properly claim their products properties, to lead with the science behind what makes their ingredients unique. Furthermore, ingredient-led claims are nowadays a key driver of purchasing behavior, because people look for multifunctional way to guarantee long-term health.

If compared to the past, consumers’ neophobic attitude has been gradually decreasing for some years now, and people are open to try new ingredients, especially if associated with increased efficacy and if belonging to a brand they trust.

Digestive health field seems to be a high potential cluster of the nutraceutical market, with the opportunity to touch different sub-categories, supporting health in different ways. Indeed, digestive system is wide and differentiated, and asks for multifaceted and complementary solutions to be supported with.

Probiotics perfectly suits this market segment due to all their beneficial properties recorded over years. Indeed, probiotics are globally recognized for their positive effects on gut health and digestion, and now research is redefying gut’s role as the center of well-being.

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