Dead-, broken-, viable or derived: how to define x-biotics

As the ‘biotics’ revolution moves forward, more words, definitions and categories emerge to get around situations or describe their complexity.

In 2014 yet, the so-called “Microbiota revolution” began to be mentioned in scientific literature, referred to a new approach to health, disease and aging, based on the growing awareness that the composition of the microbiome and its activities are involved in most of, if not all, the biological processes.

Today, not only the scientific community, but also patients and consumers are willing to adapt their diet habits to achieve the best well-being and health, besides other animal- or environment-related motives.

Such a science evolution did not come overnight, while it had been gaining ground for years, thanks to the fast steps taken by genomics following the discovery of DNA. The gut microbiome becomes the game-changer in how consumers proactively manage their health and plays a key-role in the cross-talk with immune system and other interconnected microbiotas within the human body.

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