Beauty from within alongside the holistic approach to wellness

Skin health is crucial for all, offering opportunities to cater to diverse individual needs across ages and life stages.

Nutricosmetics business volume keeps on growing. People constantly change their needs: customers addressed to alternative solutions for their personal beauty routine, to keep on achieving anti-aging and healthy skin results, taking care also of the environment.

Indeed, consumers are seeking out dietary supplements which support the health and appearance of their skin, hair and nails. There is now a higher demand for naturally sourced products. Skin health ingredients have to be effective and deliver a “feel the benefit effect” with a scientific background, matching also clean label requirements. Indeed, most consumers have embraced beauty from within as an important strategy to support healthy aging through skin, hair and nail care.

For these reasons, beauty from within is one of the key drivers of this business, with worldwide key players launching innovative products to match always new trends, as now is the case of sustainability. So far, the expectations which consumers have about companies’ sustainability initiative are rising. These expectations span all consumer packaged goods categories, and dietary supplements are no exceptions. While sustainable sourcing of ingredients for many types of supplements may be challenging for ingredients’ company to prove to consumers, the ecological credentials of elements like production process and packaging can be communicated immediately on-pack, to empower consumers to make a more informed decision.

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    Silvia Castegnaro


    Product Manager