Our method

R&D Department is always keeping an eye to the latest market trends,
looking for differentiation and cause-effect studies on short and medium-term projects.
The so-called “blue-sky” approach is wider and is able to translate and anticipate people’s needs: it is applied to the long-term developments and is focused on innovation within the biotechnology domain.

SynBalance R&D process

1 At SynBalance, we focus on the screening of our proprietary probiotic library, through specifically designed in-vitro and ex-vivo models.

2 As a consequence, we select the most performing strains, whose efficacy is confirmed with human clinical trials.

3 Technical dossiers are further enriched by stability data and specific formulation proposals based on consumers’ requests.


3 main approaches, each one with an innovative technology behind.

Future Developments

As pioneers of innovation, SynBalance is investing in several fields of research.

By Population

Our mission at SynBalance is to take care of people health by making them conscious and active in this process, through the modulation of gut microbiota.

We deeply study the best probiotic solution for every target, being women or men, kids or adults, for prevention of chronic condition and aging as well as to help support in the treatment of various discomforts.

Elder People

The number of elder people is expected to more than double by 2050, so a healthy aging approach, supporting comorbidities, will be the necessary process for maintaining functional ability.


The first 1000 days of a newborn provide a window of opportunity for modulating the microbiota, promoting a healthy growth and development.

Men Health

Although not extensively investigated yet, men’s microbiota has a high potentiality and a growing demand.

Woman Health

Vaginal microbiota changes by age and external factor and is pivotal to improve women wellbeing during her life span.

By Targets

SynBalance strategy focuses on defined functional areas such as intestinal function, gut-skin axis, reduction of cardiometabolic risk, immune-modulation and mental health. A deeper attention is dedicated to target population likewise women, children and elderly.

Immune system
Mental health
Cardio metabolic
Oral care
New strains development
Inactivation and microencapsulation
Next generation probiotics

By Technologies

As pioneers of innovation, SynBalance has developed 3 main approaches, each one characterized by a diverse, technology behind allowing us to offer complementary proposals to the market.