We can provide single proprietary strains in small MOQ (1Kg) as raw materials for customers having internal know-how on probiotics handling and blending.

This can guarantee fast-track availability and proper service for small batch size.

Probiotic Brand Taxonomy Strain Code Concentration EU Collection
SynBalance® LA L. acidophilus PBS066 200 B CFU/g DSM 24936
SynBalance® LP L. plantarum PBS067 500 B CFU/g DSM 24937
SynBalance® LR L. reuteri PBS072 200 B CFU/g DSM 25175
SynBalance® LRh L. rhamnosus LRH020 300 B CFU/g DSM 25568
SynBalance® LF L. fermentum PBS073 200 B CFU/g DSM 25176
SynBalance® BL B. animalis subsp. lactis BL050 300 B CFU/g DSM 25566
SynBalance® BBf B. bifidum BBF210 250 B CFU/g LMG P-29508
SynBalance® BLg B. longum subsp. longum BLG240 100 B CFU/g LMG P-29511
SynBalance® BI B. longum subsp. infantis BI221 100 B CFU/g LMG P-29639
SynBalance® ST S. thermophilus ST075 200 B CFU/g DSM 26721
SynBalance® LC L. casei LC010 300 B CFU/g DSM 25569
SynBalance® LCr L. crispatus LCR030 050 B CFU/g LMG P-31003
SynBalance® LG L. gasseri LG050 200 B CFU/g LMG P-29638
SynBalance® LB L. bulgaricus LB025 050 B CFU/g DSM 25567
SynBalance® LH L. helveticus LH060 A. u. request LMG P-31392
SynBalance® BB B. breve BB077 300 B CFU/g LMG P-30157


Today multi-strain probiotics are preferred because can maximize the health benefits carried by the single probiotic. SynBalance PREMIXES provide the best probiotic solutions both in case of a customized request and for ready-to-go formulations. The PREMIX development process typically involves formulation, stability, testing and full documentation to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Download the list of SynbÆctive™ strains