Women are more prone to suffer from bacterial and yeast infections. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vulvo-vaginal candidacies (VVC) are infections widely spread among women in childbearing age. These infections are associated with altered or disturbed vaginal microbiota, in a condition defined as vaginal dysbiosis. Restoration of the lactobacilli ecosystem seems a promising strategy for the treatment of these conditions. Globally, BV is the most common cause of vaginal discomforts among women ages 15-44 and more than 20% of the female population is affected.
VVC is one of the most common women disease, an estimated 75% of women of all ages will have experienced at least one episode of VVC (particularly during childbearing age), and 40%–50% will have two or more episodes. Recurrence rates of VVC and BV are one of the most critical aspects of these discomforts. The major cause responsible for recurrences is the formation of a pathogenic biofilm over the vaginal epithelium.