The correlation between skin and intestine – the gut–skin axis – it is now clearer: gut unbalances can affect skin by inducing systemic inflammation, thus triggering dermatological diseases like atopic dermatitis (AD) or acne with serious complication in the quality of everyday life. This correlation has been described for the first time in 1930 with the theory concerning the interrelationship between emotional states, intestinal microbiota and systemic skin inflammation, the well-known gut-skin-brain–axis.
This correlation now, has open up several windows of action against different skin diseases as atopic dermatitis (AD), acne, psoriasis and many others. The way by which probiotics can have a positive role in reducing the onset of skin distress is due to their indirect help in improving gut microbiota restoration, producing short chain fatty acid (antimicrobial compounds), improve immunity defense and so on. Considering how skin have such an impact in social life and its reflection on adverse psychological reaction our aim is to contribute in the best way to be an active part is this field. So far, we have also developed an In&Out concept where we investigated how the combined treatment (nutraceutical + cosmetic) is better than the single treatment alone.