Nutrition, Microbiota, and Aging: SynBalance’s Contributions to the Silver Economy

Aging is a progressive and continuous process of natural change, which nowadays is affecting a large proportion of the global population.

Diseases related to aging are often caused by improper nutrition and can affect different anatomical districts, up to the impairment of the elderly autonomy.

Recently, national and international institutions and the scientific community have become interested in the topic of healthy aging with dedicated projects to understand the risk factors related to the development of chronic diseases and the solutions promoting longevity and good health throughout life.

SynBalance’s efforts are also aimed at studying the influence of the microbiota in elderly individuals and understanding how these changes may impact longevity.

As winners of the Nodes call on the topic “Health Industry and Silver Economy“, we will investigate the effect of supplementation with specific probiotics on an elderly population suffering from cardiometabolic diseases.

We will also participate in the CUAP event “Nutrition for Health and Aging” organized by the University of Turin and Eastern Piedmont, with a speech by our R&D manager Patrizia Malfa on microbiota changes during aging.

Stay tuned!