SynBalance: scientifically backed & innovative lifewide probiotics

Always seeking for sustainable technologies guaranteeing safe and ethical approaches to Nature and Humankind, SynBalance supports consumers in a more holistic approach to wellness, together with particular attention to efficacy.

SynBalance contributes to general health and reduction of chronic diseases risk, by interacting with localized microbiomes through the gut-mediated modulation.

The driving force behind is the commitment to R&D and scientific method in our daily working life, by providing efficacy proven dossier for our property strains and the highest quality standards.

Our whole strategy is moving towards personalized nutrition, aiming at answering specific needs and addressing customized solutions. Such a strategy perfectly matches with a proactive approach to reduce the risk of typical 21st century diseases: in particular obesity and cardio metabolic diseases, stress and sleep discomforts, cognitive neurodegeneration and comorbidities in elderly.

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