The “BIOTICS” revolution

Our world is complex! At the beginnings were probiotics, with literally thousands of scientific and research articles underpinning their benefits, then followed by prebiotics, and now a ‘biotic’ revolution. As an industry, we need to step back, take a breath and introspect. It is quite evident from our guest panelists how diverse the industry has expanded out to be.

They provide us with a 360° look at the ’biotics’ world from diverse perspectives which include industry experts, clinical research organizations, regulatory and consulting agencies, market analysts and associations.

Deem it a much needed update of this fast-evolving sector, at the heart of the Microbiome Revolution, albeit from their looking glass.

As the ‘biotics’ revolution marches forward, more words and categories are born to circumvent situations or describe their complexity, yet in parallel, we are grasping, or hoping to grasp, the interconnectedness of it all. We’re only at the beginning of the challenge of understanding and explaining this reality.

We still have a lot to do, discover more in this panel discussion!