Over 10 years of experience in probiotics.

Born in 2022 as a spin-off of ROELMI HPC, we aim at becoming a leader in biotechnology thanks to all expertise gained in these years, with a huge number of projects fulfilled at worldwide level as well as the network of researchers, contributing to a multi-faced scientific approach.


3 main approaches,
each one with an innovative technology behind.

The SynBalance R&D process

R&D Department is always keeping an eye to the latest market trends, looking for differentiation and cause-effect studies on short and medium-term projects.

Scientific heritage

The passion, commitment and dedication that we put into our products through the daily activity has led us to achieve these goals to date: this is just the beginning, as we point at achieving even more in the future.

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SynBalance: your dreams, our solutions.

SynBalance offers its clients a wide range of probiotic solutions with a high degree of flexibility, by choosing the best strain available for a certain purpose, by proposing clinically tested concepts and by delivering ready-to-go formulations in a specific pharmaceutical form following customer and market needs.

Formula Development

We can guide our customers towards the most appealing pharmaceutical form.

Business model

We can easily match clients’ requirements thanks to the high competence and customer-orientation of the team.

Let’s dive into the knowledge

Discover our brand new Science Room

Your gateway to the fascinating and ever-evolving world of probiotics.

Here, we invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery as we unravel the secrets of these tiny microorganisms and their profound impact on human health.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just beginning your exploration, we encourage you to dive into the Science Room and embark on an exciting voyage of discovery.

Good reading, and let the exploration of the probiotic universe begin!

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